Multi-factor authentication with your mobile phone

Secure remote access
smart identification and access with your mobile phone

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What we do…

  • One secure app to identify and authenticate a user
  • One cloud-based authentication service for any VPN, cloud, web or mobile service
  • Works with any smartphone – online and offline


  • admocs
  • liveops
  • avnet
  • csi
  • afenida sec it
  • uc
  • paycasso

accells is the perfect combination of…

Ease of use High security Low total cost of ownership

Benefits for Businesses

  • Stunning user experience - works in seconds w/o tokens
  • Initial setup of accells Mobile ID - works in a few hours
  • Activation of pre-integrated services - works with a few clicks
  • Activation of new services - works within days
  • User rollout via app stores - downloadable within seconds
  • Multi-layered Security – protection of CRM data
  • Mobile end-to-end Security – protection against phishing and trojans
  • Total Cost of ownership – at 60% of token solutions

Join accells Free Trial Program

accells Mobile ID service enables businesses to deploy smart multi-factor authentication via a smartphone app, creating a stunningly simple, adaptive usability that enhances security while eliminating the need for tokens and one-time passwords.

A context-based approach to multi-factor authentication enables an adaptive and stunningly simple usability. The innovative approach leverages all relevant authentication factors, such as location, devices-used, credentials and human-not-machine verifications.

accells can be set up easily to access any SAML-compatible cloud service, any SSL, IPSec or client VPN and any mobile service.

Businesses can also enjoy accells as a smart single sign-on in the office or on the go, fully complementary to existing SSO services.

Who can join the Free Trial Program?

Any business can participate in the Free Trial Program. Free Trial customers will receive a license to use accells Mobile ID service with specified VPN (e.g. Juniper, Cisco and Fortinet) and SaaS application (e.g., Google Apps for Business, Zendesk, etc) and apps for Android and iPhone for 30 days. Technical support for setting up the company environment is also included.

Pre-integrated services

accells is currently enabling VPN and cloud services, among others:
VPN Services

VPN and Access Services

Smart Authentication with your mobile

Via one secure mobile app, accells enables people to use their smartphone as a mobile ID for smart identification and access to any cloud, web, VPN, social media or mobile service across any channel – online, mobile, call center, or at the POS.

accells Mobile ID for smart authentication provides a the perfect combination of ease of use, high security and low total cost of ownership.

Businesses can enjoy accells as one single service to protect all identities in standard access scenarios end-to-end, behind the firewall or in the cloud.

accells Innovative Offering

Covering remote access, cloud service access and the protection of existing single sign-on (SSO) mechanisms, accells secures standard login and SSO use cases against cyber threats. In addition, accells enables easy identification and secure authentication, transaction verification, smart controlled SSO, signing and approval workflows, secure data capture and feedback as well as secure collaboration and sharing flows.

Smart access to your data

Employees can use accells for authentication and identification while accessing through any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, whether they are using a company-owned device or their own device.

BYOD and MDM realized

With accells, businesses can implement secure Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategies for enhanced acceptance and productivity, while eliminating the need for additional hardware such as tokens. The business IT can easily align to future security requirements while providing employees a stunning user experience ensuring that the authentication service is well accepted and truly recognized by its users. Following a quick activation, employees can use accells app – with their company-owned or their own smartphone – to securely access any company resource like company VPN, cloud and web applications in online and offline environment.

Smart Service Platform for you

Based on patented security and authentication technologies, the accells service is built on secure smartphone apps and SDKs available for the major mobile operating systems, a user-centric, reliable and extensible cloud service platform including flexible web management portals and service connectors for cloud, VPN, and third party services, leveraging standards such as SAML, OAuth and RADIUS as well as an open API.

Businesses benefit from an easy setup, an instant activation due to a broad portfolio of pre-integrated services for the most common VPN and enterprise cloud services. Businesses keep full administrative control with end-user data within the organisation’s boundaries while offering top security.

Businesses can make use of accells’ Free Trial offer to evaluate the many features of accells Mobile ID services. Join Now!